Braden Jones

retail expert



Braden Jones is a Retail Expert at Carolina Retail Experts specializing in retail commercial real estate brokerage. He moved to Charleston in June of 2023, where he worked in logistics sales for 12 months. During this time, Braden developed an understanding of supply chain management, client relations, and strategic negotiation. These experiences allowed him to refine his analytical and communication skills, which are crucial in the real estate industry. Leveraging his background in real estate education, Braden joined the Carolina Retail Experts in June of 2024.

At CRE, Braden plays a multifaceted role covering Landlord Representation, Tenant Representation, and Investment Sales. He is committed to providing exceptional service and strategic insights to his clients, contributing to the company’s success.

professional highlights

  • University of Georgia Men’s Golf Team, 2018-2021
  • University of Georgia Real Estate Club, 2023
  • University of Georgia Wish Makers on Campus, 2022
  • University of Georgia SAE Miracle Fundraising Club, 2022

community involvement

  • Christ the King Cathedral Community Service, 2016-present
  • Habitat for Humanity, 2018-present


  • University of Georgia, BS, Real Estate

fun facts

  • Braden has lived in Atlanta, GA, Vail, Colorado, Austin, TX, and Charleston, SC
  • Braden was once the number one junior golfer in the state of Georgia